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   Pioneer is based in Wellingborough , Northants and is a totally independent business in the area and is    not intended to take on the big boys of bait making

 However Pioneer bait solutions does aim to provide you the angler with excellent quality baits at   reasonable prices to inspire confidence in both you the angler and the Carp .

 Our baits are proven carp catchers and all you have to do is check out our Facebook page or even the  gallery on this site as proof of the pudding .


                                                        food source baits

All our boilies are made from good quality fresh ingredients  that we know  fish find attractive as well as  being an aid to growth and will promote good health .

We only use fresh eggs in our baits as well as  the best quality liquid foods and attractors , some

 of the flavours we use are exclusive to us and are proven excellent  carp catchers .